Certified Organic Chicken

Our chicken is raised eating only certified organic feed, pasture and kelp as a supplement – no antibiotics, hormones or artificial supplements.

Our chickens are raised from day-old chicks to 4 weeks in our brooder, then go to the outdoor pens where they get access to pasture, sunlight and fresh air until they are ready for processing.

During early spring and late fall when weather is inclement, we raise them in our free-range coop that allows sunshine and fresh air and access to a grassy run. They get fresh bedding daily and have ample fresh water and feed.

During the warm summer months, we also use a portable ‘chicken tractor’ pen, which provides shelter and protection from predators, but also gives them 24 hour access to grass.  This pen moves through the sheep pastures, feeding the grass so we can feed the sheep.  In this way, with help from the pigs, we are clearing and building up our pastures so we can, um, eat the sheep 🙂


We sell our poultry at the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market every Saturday while we have product. We also sell through Sunshine Organics, where you can have our chicken delivered right to you with a bin of organic produce and groceries!

We also sell direct from our homes, or we deliver locally for orders of 5 or more birds. Customers can call us directly to make arrangements.

For service in Courtenay & Comox area call Ann & Jim at 250 339-5321 or for service in Merville area, call Megan & Chris at 250 337-5589.

We sell:

  • whole birds
  • breasts, bone-in or boneless, skinless
  • whole legs
  • thighs
  • drumsticks
  • wings
  • soup bones
  • pet food
  • and sausage. (The sausages are made from pure chicken, with no filler. It is actually made just of breast and thigh meat, and then seasoned. Hot Italian, mild Italian, Jamaican jerk or breakfast are the seasonings available.)

Usually we grow some large roasters for the holidays. They are usually 6-8 lb. chickens, suitable for a small gathering where a 20 lb. turkey is just too much! We just know that you’ll enjoy the complex flavour and moist texture of one of these birds for your special meal.

We don’t sell turkeys at the moment, since we’re just not set up for raising them.  For local free range options try DeeKayTee Ranch or Stonecroft Farm.