Ok, so I’m too busy to do much more than list what’s been happening as it happens. Here goes:

  1. Uncle Johnny Mais (Ann’s brother) helped with mapping out the plots, and the application for the line adjustment was submitted in July 07. Thanks for your help, Uncle!
  2. Chris and Megan have begun negotiating for purchasing the house and some property from Ann, this is ongoing. And complicated by the shared ownership of the house- an estate accountant has been consulted, lawyers are being sought.
  3. Megan has completed a business plan for one of her classes to look into the feasibility of increasing chicken production with the current tenant, or starting a new sheep flock.
  4. The Application passed the Ministry of Health readings, and is now a bit closer to being approved-hopefully by spring 08!
  5. Megan and Chris are back living at the Farm and have been working on renovating the house. They’re also preparing to get the yard beautified in time for their wedding in August.
  6. Ann is planning on beginning a small scale free-range organic chicken operation for the summer of 2008.