Summary of Outcomes from the November 2006 Meeting:

First, reminders of conclusions arrived at in the Fall 06. CSH refers to Christopher Hancock.

  1. We have 4 parcels, but only Megan has declared clear intentions for use of the farm.
  2. Megan & Chris Hancock intend to farm as of spring 2008.
  3. Meg wants to buy land additional to her entitlement.
  4. Chris will continue to own her portion for the time being. She would like to sell to Megan.
  5. An agreement for sale will have to be drawn up to sell Megan & CSH their additional land. Ann has offered them a flexible agreement, details to be worked out in which payments are made when and as they can afford them.
  6. Ultimately the intention is to subdivide (within the ALR, changing the lot lines without increasing the number of lots) which will entail keeping the 4 lots but redrawing the boundaries to describe Megan and CSH’s farm as one large lot, then 3 smaller ones, roughly 125/10/10/10 acres.
  7. There will be tax implications for absentee owners of parcels once they are subdivided, these need to be researched.