The seasonal vegetable transplants that we sell are Megan’s … extras.

Megan has a green thumb and a small greenhouse, so she has always grown 10 times more plants than she needs to put in the garden – and to give away to friends and such. So, when we decided to sell at a booth at the Market, she started growing 100 times too many plants, and bumped up the variety of varieties while she was at it!

We won’t guarantee a comprehensive selection, but Megan offers seasonally appropriate stuff that usually includes things like greens, artichokes, herbs, tomatoes, physalis and peppers, cukes and squash, and winter veggies like overwintering broccoli, kale, chard and cabbages.  Edible flowers also make their appearance.

Megan mixes the soil she uses herself from approved organic ingredients – with starter organic fertilizer mixed in already. (Note: You should still provide a side dressing of organic fertilizer when you plant, to allow time for the fertilizer to become available (this takes 1 week or more and fertilizers usually last 6 to 10 weeks depending on soil moisture, temperature, biological activity etc.)

There’s often totally new stuff that she’s experimenting with, so feedback is always appreciated, good or bad! Please contact us.


PS: Some seeds are Megan’s, some saved by the CV Growers & Seed Savers or friends, and some purchased.