Things have been progressing relatively quickly lately, in terms of some resolution towards dissolving the estate. We had a family meeting in February, which we haven’t summarized yet… no really new developments except that the appraisal was completed, and so we know that the line adjustment must be more along the lines of 20/20/20/100 acres. Shani’s input was gained during her visit in May, and is outlined in the May update. Following Ann’s May update, she set a deadline for proposals for joint ownership of the large parcel for family members, namely Megan. The details are still being ironed out, but likely will involve Megan, Ann & Chris Hancock jointly owning the 100 acre parcel and the others being distributed among Chris Papineau-Halstead, Eric and Shani. We received help from Johnny Mais (Ann’s Brother), who is a surveyor, to draw up a proposal for the line adjustment, made a proposal to the Regional District for the adjustment (they actually still call it a subdivision). It has received preliminary approval and is now circulating through various provincial departments.

Chris and Megan are back living at the Farm as of January 2008. Ann is planning on getting started with raising free-range chickens this spring and has applied for permits to do so.

The photo is of the old plum tree, which stands at the eastern edge of the orchard. The house would be 20m to your right, it’s amazing how much the broom has grown in 10 years! You can just see the lower fields in the background. This was taken by Chris Hancock in January 2007. This link will take you to an aerial view of the Farm.

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Megan – February, 2008